Posted on desembre 19th, 2008, by Fiasco Award Team

More than 12 candidates have already been submitted through the web, and the Jury has already started to evaluate them accordingly to the Prize awarding criteria. Amongst them stands out the candidacy of a commercial operating system extensively used around the world which has generated a certain degree of rejection among its users, who were used to its previous version. The Jury is at the moment collecting information in order to validate this candidacy. On the other hand, a candidacy has been rejected: the one that submitted the web as a fiasco. The Jury estimates that no technological elements allow for it to be considered a fiasco, and that the candidacy either emanates out of a mix-up between sports and technology or is an attempt to discredit the web owner, being the latter something absolutely alien to the spirit of the Fiasco Awards.

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  1. Ricard Says:

    És una lástima mezclar la velocidad con el tocino… las cosas serias con las frivolidades…. no se que pinta aqui Real Madrid….

  2. dleonmag Says:

    Es genial esta iniciativa! Apenas la descubrí y realmente estoy encantado con eso.

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